CIA World Rankings

CIA World Rankings for Pocket PC

Up-to-date ranking information in 48 categories

Which country consumes the most oil, and which one produces the most? Town Compass® presents the CIA World Rankings 2006 Handheld Edition. The United States has carried on foreign intelligence activities since the days of George Washington, but only since World War II have they been coordinated on a government-wide basis. Now the CIA Factbook provides Rankings of countries in presorted lists of data from selected Factbook data fields.

The Database includes 48 rank lists with over 8,700 separate rankings. Each rank listing includes:

  • Rank number
  • Country name
  • Ranked data field
  • Date of information

Find out which countries are at the top and which are at the bottom with the CIA World Rankings 2006 Handheld Edition!

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CIA World Rankings


CIA World Rankings 2006

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